Billing & insurance

We accept most insurances, Medicaid and assignments on Medicare.

Fees for services not covered by your insurance including deductibles and co- payments are your responsibility and are expected to be paid at the time of service. If you do not have health insurance, we require that you meet with our Business office Supervisor, who handles financial arrangements. For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards.

Prescription refills

Please have your pharmacy fax our office a request for your refill.

Many insurance companies require prior authorization before approving the dispensing of medications and Medicaid requires a written prescription with diagnosis. For this reason, please call in advance for refills to allow the physician adequate time to review your medical records. Please do not call for refills on weekends, as the physician on call does not have access to your medical records.

Appointment cancellations

We ask that if you cannot keep an appointment, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance, this will allow us to accommodate other patients. Repetitive cancellations or “no shows” will not be allowed.

Test results

Before we contact you with the results of your tests, they must be reviewed by the physician. Some tests results may take weeks to be processed before being forwarded to our office. Unless specified, please allow two weeks before we contact you.

Copies of your endoscopy report will be automatically forwarded to your primary physician.

Medical Records

Upon your request, we will forward your medical records to your physicians. There is a fee, however, for medical records released to a non-physician entity. In this situation, allow our office 15 days to complete your request.

San Antonio Endoscopy Center

Most of Dr. Mazloum’s outpatient procedures are scheduled at San Antonio Endoscopy Center, a privately owned and operated facility with state of the art equipment. San Antonio Endoscopy Center is located in the Medical Center area at 8550 Datapoint, Suite 100. It is approved for reimbursement by most private insurance companies. If your procedure has been scheduled at this facility, you will be contacted by the endoscopy center staff to obtain information necessary to complete your medical records. If you require directions, please call the center during office hours at 210 615 7232.

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After Hours & Weekends

On weekends, the physician on call handles emergencies. Please call the office phone number 210 615 8308 and the answering service will relay your message to the doctor. Routine questions, lab results and prescription refills are only handled during regular office hours.